Why You Should Upgrade to Chrome 68 Right Now

The most recent version of Google Chrome and it is a huge deal for your safety. At a blog article, the Google announced that its upgrade will come with various new features designed to enhance the protection of your browsing.

Most of all, Google Chrome 68 will start tagging all “HTTP” websites as “not secure.” That means any website you browse to with this prefix will demonstrate that a “Not Safe” caution and a few might even bar your access.

This is the last step in Google’s several-year travel to push websites to embrace the “HTTPS” prefix. Over the previous year, the business has slowly been indicating more “HTTP” websites as “not secure.”

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The browser also comes with a brand new protection to shield users from iframe redirects.

Chrome will ask you with a pop up that you would like to proceed with the new website before sending you there.

Even though most of the popular sites have changed around to “HTTPS”, a couple of popular ones, such as Wiki-hosting agency Wikia, Fedex’s site, Daily Mail, and Chinese information website and search engine Soku keep the older prefix (though this may vary by country). These sites need to migrate their web pages to “HTTPS” or shed a chunk of the visitors.

How do You Make Your Site Secure?

Google will begin prioritizing websites which are secure on a peak of the search engine results page. Therefore, websites which aren’t protected will rank lower and your clients will have difficulty searching for your site.


Encryption is the mathematical process we call it a bit. The amount of bit creates the dimensions of the major. Bits may be 40-bit, 56-bit or even 256-bit. The larger the bit, the more powerful is that the encryption.

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Using SSL (Secure Sockets Layer):

  • Your site is protected since data is encrypted
  • Preventing access to hackers
  • An electronic certificate on a site triggers a padlock along with the HTTPS protocol that enables a secure link from a web server to your browser. Having an SSL certificate on your site, clients feel confident sharing personal information and making transactions without any worry.

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