G Suite Sync for Microsoft Outlook – Step-By-Step

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Google G Suite or Google Apps For Work is a cloud-based computing tool developed by Google. It serves all the Google apps on a single platform, along with unlimited cloud storage. It comes bundled along with a custom email for professionals. Also, there are various price brackets to choose from depending upon the purpose of use, named education, enterprise, or government. These packages are said to be affordable and very user-friendly, making it a demanded tool.

Outlook is the first mailing and communication service developed as ‘Hotmail’ and later acquired by Microsoft. It is widely used by professionals and in a business environment.

The need to set up G suite in outlook varies from purpose to purpose. Also, professionals need to keep their data intact. To serve this need, there are various processes by which you can set up Google G Suite in Outlook. Here is the simplest way to do so.

The Process of Setting G Suite on Microsoft Outlook

1. Download the latest version of the Google Sync tool for outlook. Here is a link to speed up. https://tools.google.com/dlpage/gappssync/thankyou.html?one click installed

2. After downloading the file, carry on with the installation process as directed. A stable internet connection is recommended as the installation process is bundled with a series of downloads.

Set up G Suite in outlook
Source: Google search

3. Once the installation is completed, a sign-in window pops up where you are required to enter your G-suite email and ‘Continue’.

4. Once you sign-in, you are required to grant access to the G-suite sync tool to manage your email, contacts, calendars, and other tasks, including viewing your domain details.

5. Another window will pop-up where you are required to Create your Outlook profile. You can import your data by checking-in the ‘Import data’ box.

g suite data migration
6. All you need to do now is start Microsoft Outlook and have your data synchronized automatically.

setup g suite in outlook
Source: neocloud.com


Make sure that the system is working on the latest version of windows and Microsoft Outlook software, to ensure suitable results. Also, The minimum system requirements, recommended by Google, is Windows XP Service Pack 3, and Microsoft Outlook with office 2003 Service Pack 3. The software isn’t supported by Mac. Happy Syncing!

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