Google G Suite Latest Updates in June and July of 2018?

Latest Updates in G Suite

If you have opened this article with an aim to know the latest updated features of the G Suite, I expect that you already know what a G Suite is? If you don’t know, let me explain in brief. Actually, G Suite was formerly known as Google Apps for Work.

Google Apps for your Domain was another popular name of G Suite. The popular products of Google like Gmail, Hangouts, Google+, Calendar, Drive, Vault, and Admin panel are all part of the G Suite. A digital interactive whiteboard called Jam board is also included in it. Overall, we can say that G Suite is a brand of cloud computing. Collaboration tools and software developed by Google.

Let us now discuss the latest features of the G Suite which were made available in the month June and July of 2018. Let us discuss them one by one:

1. App Maker:

This is a very effective tool for creating the custom Apps at work. Now, the employees of an organization or business house can customize the app on their own to suit their needs without any need of spending time and money for some third-party app/tool. This is included as an additional service to G Suite Business, Education and Enterprise customers.

2. Google Cloud:

Now in the Google cloud, you can restore the previous versions and see all the changes made to any document at any moment of time. For this, you can click on the ‘time’ link placed near the ‘help’ option on the navigation bar.

Alternatively, you can go to the ‘File’ and then search for the ‘Version History’, and from it select the ‘See Version History’. The one amazing feature is that you can make a copy of any previous version of the document if you want to keep a record. The three dotted icons present before the document can be used to make a copy. Just click the dots and then choose ‘make a copy’.

3. Google Calendar:

Google Calendar
Google Calendar

The newly added feature of the Google calendar is that if there arises any need to check how many coworkers have shown disinterest in attending a meeting or how many employees are ‘out of office’, you can now do so with the help of Google Calendar.

Now the employee can mark about when they are ‘out of office’. The major advantage is that the Calendar auto-declines any invitation for the meeting if you are unavailable at the time chosen.

4. Jam board:

Jam board is now available for the dale in New Zealand and Australia.

5. Google Drive:

Natural Language Search has been enabled by the Google to help find the documents quickly.

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6. Gmail:

G Suite Gmail

The major changes have been rolled out for Gmail in July. The features are really amazing and helpful for the business persons. The new features have tremendously added to the user’s productivity. Some of the added important features are:

• Attachments can be downloaded directly without any need of opening the mail.

• Emails can be easily put on hold by pressing the new snooze button.

• A user can jump directly to the Google Tasks and Calendar from the Gmail mailbox.

• An onscreen reminder has been added to email messages. It will not let you forget to reply or follow up any mail that is saved to take an action later.

• Smart reply feature embedded in the Gmail to help respond quickly. This is a brilliant feature which I will highly praise. Actually, for saving time, this feature uses machine learning to suggest some automatic responses to its user.

• The sorting of the high-priority message from the important ones has also been made easy. This helps in the sequencing of the emails and enables the user to start with the most important work and then moving to the lesser important ones.

• Sometimes it happens that we subscribe to some newsletter or subscription considering them very important. But later, you lose the interest somehow and ultimately stop opening them.

To help you with this, Gmail has added a new feature. Now Gmail will frequently analyze your mailbox for such subscriptions to newsletters and then suggest you with prompts to unsubscribe them to save the space and unnecessary mess.

• To add to the security of your system, Gmail has added a feature which will send you warning messages if Gmail will detect any risky email.

• One more amazing security feature added to the Gmail is that if you are writing or sending some confidential message and you want that anyhow this message remains protected or if you want to disable the chances of forwarding this message by someone, you can do so now with new Gmail feature.

You can now easily remove the options of download, print, copy and forward, which are usually attached to the mail. If you again want to enable the forwarding of the mail, you will have to follow the two-way authentication process. You will need to log in to the email, and then request to receive an unlock code via SMS on your authenticated mobile number.

• After a certain/specific time, if you want your emails to disappear from the mailbox you can set the automatic expiration. You need to set a specific time for them to disappear.

7. G Suite Integration:

With endless cloud services, it is becoming essential that there must be a modern tool that helps to synchronize and make it easy to work with any service, whatsoever it is.

For this, Google has built integration in G Suite. The best example of this is the integrations in Calendar and Hangout meets to make the meeting experience better.

8. Matching the compatibility between the Hangout Meets and some other famous video conferencing systems like Polycom, Skype etc. The interoperability developed in partnership with Pexip is making it possible to join a call between the Hangouts Meet Hardware and other video conferencing systems like Skype.

Suppose, if you are on Hangout and your customer is on the Skype, you can now connect with him directly on the Skype using your Hangout framework. This is the vision of the new G Suite.

So these are the latest updates which have been rolled out by the Google in their G Suite. All the updates are beneficial in one way or the other. Just keep your Google products up to date to enjoy all these latest features. These features not only speed up the process of working but also eases the way of working.

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